perjantai 4. elokuuta 2017

Tiny Steam Game Key Dump | Free Steam Keys |

Tiny Steam Key Dump

  • 99HVC-EE92I-QJ742
  • GY69R-95NCE-8EPDB
Hello guys, i have got lot of messages about why do i lock all keys. I understand it is very annoying to fill survey to just get one steam key. But i think it is positive that you can get it for free and you don't have to buy it. If you want to buy game, then i don't know what you are even doing on this blog. But i just want to say that i pay for almost every key (Sometimes i get some steam keys for free from developers) and i need to get something back, since i am still poor student. But i want to try this another method. So i am going to post here some random steam keys like i did when i started to write this blog. And i am not going to lock them but i will add some ads on this blog. So if this is going to work i will continue with that way. But i also give you high quality steam keys for free but just not so often. I also take steam game requests, but notice that i buy only cheap games at the moment to see if it is profitable. 

maanantai 24. huhtikuuta 2017

My Summer Car Free Steam Key | Key.Gold

My Summer Car Free Steam Key

Hello again guys. Today i am going to give more My Summer Car Steam keys for free. My Summer Car is so popular game that all free keys are redeemed like in few hours usually. This is third time i make My Summer Car Steam key giveaway if i don't remember wrong. So i make it again, because if some games attract much readers it is of course smart to make post of them. Make Sense :D. Actually the worst post i have ever made is Steam Gift Card Giveaway. There is was only 12 of 100 redeemed, so if you want one, go ahead. I don't even know why no one (expect 12) redeemed any. Was it too suspicious or did you just think all was redeemed. But anyways there are still many left. But yeah, i have added My Summer Car Steam keys for free, so if you don't own it yet or you own cracked version, you have now opportunity to get it for free or get legit version :D PS(Not the console) I will remove pop ads from this block, because those are f**king annoying.

maanantai 17. huhtikuuta 2017

ARMA 3 Jets DLC Giveaway | Free ARMA 3 DLC Key

ARMA 3 Jets DLC Giveaway

>>>Get Your ARMA 3 Jets DLC HERE<<<

Hi all, it's been a long time since i last time wrote here or made a giveaway, but i am now here and going to make new giveaway. I have got lot's of giveaway requests and i have read few but there is no change to read them all. I know that i have said that you can request game key or DLC key and i try to make giveaway of it if it is wanted by many readers or any other group of people. But today i am going to be little dictator, because i am going to choose the giveaway key by myself, and if you did read the title it is ARMA 3 Jets DLC Key. I am pretty sure that is it wanted, so it will not be wasted. And i am very excited about jets dlc. There will be many cool jets. There will be also few other dlc's coming in future and i am probably going to make giveaways from them. And i don't remember if i have made giveaway of ARMA 3 itself, but i will surely make one, because ARMA 3 is a one of the best games published so far. And it is also very cheap on G2A.COM (REF LINK). So why not. I also try to be active in here, so you can continue to requesting giveaway keys. 

torstai 26. tammikuuta 2017

Vector 36 Free CD Key | Vector 36 Free Download | Vector 36 Steam Key

Vector 36 Free Steam CD Key

-->Free Vector 36 Steam Key Here<--

Hello guys, it's been long time since i wrote something on this blog. Last time i made the Steam gift card giveaway and i must say that made nice traffic peak to my blog. If someone who read my blog is also writing a blog i recommend to make giveaways, because people like giveaways and you get lot more traffic. But basically my whole blog is about giveaways :D. But yeah today i am going to give few Steam CD keys for Vector 36. This game is also those games that i personally don't want to play, but it seems to have nice idea. It is mars racing game. I don't like racing games, but there is few exceptions. First is Flat Out 2. Flat Out 2 is one of the best PC games ever, it is actually the first game that i have ever bought. And second one is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. I like that game because when i had my first PC my mom bought me that game and i played it all the time and i really enjoyed that game and i had good time while playing that game. And then i started to play FPS games and now i don't even play other categories much. But because i have played racing games, i know that there is people that like to play them, so i decided to buy keys for Vector 36. It is very new and already have good ratings so why not. And as always if you have game you want me to buy for you, feel free to leave comment on comment section. If you have already played Vector 36 or you just redeemed Vector 36 Steam game key for it, please let me know if it is good or no, so i know if i need to shirk those kind of games. Have fun playing Vector 36.

torstai 5. tammikuuta 2017

$1000 Steam Gift Cards Giveaway | 100 x $10 Steam Gift Cards Giveaway

Huge Steam Gift Card Giveaway (100 x $10)


Hello guys, as you maybe have seen, i haven't posted a long time and it have been pretty silent in here on my blog. But i don't want to leave this blog so today i am making a big giveaway. I am going to make Steam gift card giveaway and going to give away 100 Steam gift cards and every Steam gift card is worth of $10 so in $1000 in total. I am very happy that i have so many readers and you have supported me. So that is why i am making this Steam gift card giveaway. To join this giveaway you have to go HERE and complete offer and after you have completed offer you will be redirected to google. When you have redirected to google you are in my giveaway. I will contact all winners directly and i will give the code from Steam gift card, because it is faster and easier. Feel free to share this blog on social media for bigger change to win.

tiistai 20. joulukuuta 2016

Assetto Corsa - Porsche Pack III Key | Free DLC Activation Key

Assetto Corsa - Porsche Pack III DLC Activation Key

Free Assetto Corsa - Porsche Pack III Key

Hello again guys. One of my friends plays game called Assetto Corsa, and today he was very happy, because that game published new DLC. And that DLC is Assetto Corsa - Porsche Pack III. When that friend talked about that Porsche Pack III, he mentioned that it is pretty expensive DLC if take a look to its size. And yeah to all Assetto Corsa gamers, i know it can only be pre-ordered at the moment, so it is not fully published. Ok, i am not going to make long post, but when that friend told me about Assetto Corsa - Porsche Pack III i just wanted to know if i can get keys for that DLC, because it would be cool to be one of the first who give away Assetto Corsa - Porsche Pack III DLC activation keys. I searched some sites, but didn't find anything helpful. Then i got an idea about to contacting Assetto Corsa creators on their site and guess what. I got over 100 DLC activation keys for Assetto Corsa - Porsche Pack III and best of all, i got them crazy cheap. So feel free to claim one. But notice that you need to own the Assetto Corsa game itself to use this DLC.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Free Steam Key | Free Steam Keys

Free Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Steam CD Keys

-->Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 CD Key<--

Hello guys. Today i was playing Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and when i played it, i thought that you would like to play it too. It was like a two months ago when i came across with Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 demo on Steam and i wanted to just test it. And i fell in love instantly. That game is just awesome. So, after i played the short demo i bought full game and noticed that it is cheap game. That is why i make today Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Steam game key giveaway. And i must say that if you like sniper games, this is game for you. This is just so awesome. I personally like sniper games very much. Sniper Elites game series is ok too, but i don't like the third person view, but when get into the game that is not so big problem. It help some cases when you are behind some object in cover. You can see enemy when he are shooting or reloading and then shoot him. But yeah, if you think you would like to shoot some enemies with sniper rifle from long distance redeem one Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Steam CD game key for free, of course. And start playing.