tiistai 25. lokakuuta 2016

Free Hide And Shriek Steam Game Keys | Free Steam CD Key

I was on Steam searching some new games and i found this game called Hide and Shriek. I watched trailer and some gameplay videos of it. I must say i looked very fun game. It is basically multiplayer game where you and your opponent have to scare each others and set traps to each others, but the thing is that you are both invisible. So you don't see your opponent and he/she don't see you. 

"Scare or be scared in this fun Halloween multiplayer game full of hijinks and mischief! Set traps, cast spells, and scare the living hell out of your opponent to win!"

More info HERE

So i bought few activation keys for this game. And you can just claim one HERE and activate it on steam. 

It also have pretty well rated

Hide and Shriek CD Keys For Free | Get Yours Now

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