sunnuntai 30. lokakuuta 2016

GTA V | Fallout 4 | CS:GO | Game Keys Giveaway

It took me few day to make this giveaway, but it was worth of waiting. So i got lots of game requests but it was clear what games requested most. And those games are GTA V and as you maybe know or guess it was not surprise. Second was Fallout 4 and i was surprised about that because first, i was forgotted that game and second i didn't expect that someone still want that game. And CS:GO didn't expect but, didn't surprised eather. Game keys for those games is added to database, so claim them before someone else do it. Fallout 4 keys added 4, GTA V keys added 2 and CS:GO keys added 7. And for new ones those keys can be activated in steam and only in steam.

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