tiistai 25. lokakuuta 2016

My Summer Car Steam Key | My Summer Car For Free | Free Steam Game Key

New Steam keys have just added. I added many keys for new game: My Summer Car. It have very good ratings on steam and will be good game for car nerds :D. In game you have to build and repair cars and the game is good game when you are bored. My Summer Car is early access game and the game keys are -10% so i bought nice amount of them. So if you like cars or car games or just are mostly bored, get one game activation key HERE for free.

"Hello! I am ex-betatester for this game. I'm totally in love with this game, although i have a couple of points that i want to bring up.
-This is NOT for people who are easily FRUSTRATED by ANYTHING 
-This game will make you cry and laugh at the same time -This game will make you cringe in total suffer when listening to the voice acting...(no pun intended :)) 
-This game will ruin your life if you start playing it seriously, do not take all of this game seriously -This game is a piece of art, not a normal game 
-This game is a horrible time-eater 
-This game IS NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT, it is still in its development "phase" 
-This game is totally worth the 15e, so go ahead and give it a try!"

Quote from Steam user - f!re

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