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Day of Infamy Free Download | Free Day of Infamy Steam Keys

Day of Infamy Free Steam Keys

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Hello guys, today i will make one Steam key giveaway once again. So, i started to search good games on Steam and came across with this game called Day of Infamy. It seems to be good game and it is from creators of Insurgency. I personally have played Insurgency a lot and i love Insurgency. It is very realistic and i think that Day of Infamy have a lot same features. Day of Infamy is based WWII and i personally like FPS games and even more if they are based WWI or WWII. But this time i passed this game and didn't buy it for myself, but i didn't forget you guys. I bought few CD keys for you, so you can play it if you like that kind of games. And if you don't know what features Insurgency have and why it is so popular, here is some good features that you can wait for Day of Infamy. There is no cross hair, so if you want to shoot accurately you need to aim through the sight. Second good feature is that you don't know how many bullets you have in magazine, so you need to count how many you have used and how many you have left. If you are not sure how many you have left it is better to reload just to be sure. And of course graphics, Insurgency have very realistic graphics and i think Day of Infamy have good graphics too. And Insurgency is also realistic in damage, and with that i mean if someone shoot you with pistol to your head, you die. If someone shoot you with assault rifle to your body once or twice, you are dead. It is not like some shitty games that you can use real money to get armor and when someone clear his whole magazine to your head, he lose only 50% of his health points. This is like "I shot you in your face and now you take a nap" But there is also bad things in this game. I noticed when they made Insurgency and sold it very cheap many people bought it and it got lot of attention for it's realistic features. So they quickly made similar game and sell it 17,99€. But, i think it is just ok because those games are awesome and it is good price for Day of Infamy and very very cheap price for Insurgency. So we win. But if you like Day of Infamy or want to play it please feel free to redeem one Steam CD key and start playing and feel free to tell me about that game. If it is really good i maybe buy it for myself too. But yeah have fun. 

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