torstai 26. tammikuuta 2017

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Vector 36 Free Steam CD Key

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Hello guys, it's been long time since i wrote something on this blog. Last time i made the Steam gift card giveaway and i must say that made nice traffic peak to my blog. If someone who read my blog is also writing a blog i recommend to make giveaways, because people like giveaways and you get lot more traffic. But basically my whole blog is about giveaways :D. But yeah today i am going to give few Steam CD keys for Vector 36. This game is also those games that i personally don't want to play, but it seems to have nice idea. It is mars racing game. I don't like racing games, but there is few exceptions. First is Flat Out 2. Flat Out 2 is one of the best PC games ever, it is actually the first game that i have ever bought. And second one is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. I like that game because when i had my first PC my mom bought me that game and i played it all the time and i really enjoyed that game and i had good time while playing that game. And then i started to play FPS games and now i don't even play other categories much. But because i have played racing games, i know that there is people that like to play them, so i decided to buy keys for Vector 36. It is very new and already have good ratings so why not. And as always if you have game you want me to buy for you, feel free to leave comment on comment section. If you have already played Vector 36 or you just redeemed Vector 36 Steam game key for it, please let me know if it is good or no, so i know if i need to shirk those kind of games. Have fun playing Vector 36.

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